Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kitchen Cabinet Styles - Arts and Crafts Kitchens

The most beautiful kitchens in the United States in various styles

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Center X

Cuisine of the future
Pininfarina, the same company designed the famous Ferrari

What's Your Style? Often my clients will select specific elements of different styles to incorporate into their custom kitchens, creating an entirely new design of their own making. The most important advice I can give is that you do not contradict the style of your home when choosing a kitchen style. If you have an Old World or Craftsman home, by all means do not install a modern or contemporary kitchen! (Sadly, I have seen this done).

Walking into a tired, outdated kitchen can really bring a homeowner down when funds don't permit a $30,000 remodel. However, there are a few easy updates to spruce up your kitchen without having to invest major amounts of time and money. We all know about painting and adding new curtains, but what else can we do to update the kitchen?
Simple kitchen island
Add a kitchen island

If your kitchen has room for it, adding an island or a new rolling workstation can be attractive and useful. You can build one yourself if you are handy, pick one up at an unfinished furniture store, or the local home improvement store. If your budget doesn't allow for a built-in model, a rolling island will only cost you about $150 on the low end of the spectrum and $500 on the high end. These are convenient because when you're finished using them, you can just roll them into the corner until the next time you'd like to use it. If you're pressed for storage space in your kitchen, many kitchen islands have storage that can provide you with the extra room you need for more kitchenware.