Thursday, February 24, 2011

kitchen of the famous black and white Tessa

Is folded Jhoenfeav du stark Burgundian Page Beauty permanently? Will decided to move from head of the election commission Miss France to design, specifically in the area of kitchens? During the Paris Exhibition of Decorative organized at the beginning of the month, enabling visitors to discover the latest models Kitchens brand, "Tessa", the signing of Jhoenfeav du stark Burgundian, known Bakavatha Makiajha huge and exaggerated. Cooperation might be strange, but de stark Burgundian justified this choice by saying: "I feel flattered at the selection of" kid "to me. They are defending the same principles associated with the tradition of French-style elegance." The decor of those kitchens, Vonic and serene, but at the same time surprised him very modern. In terms of colors, there is no surprise. Holds the kitchen colors black and white, and are dearest to the heart of Du stark Burgundian.
In any case, he succeeded maker kitchens in marketing the latest innovations. On the other hand Madame Jhoenfeav, please feel free to speak sarcastically about her future career. Says: "Due to recent Aaatarafaty, may become a future ads only ...". And those who do not know this lady with a tongue termagant Tahjmt it on one of France's ex-slaves and described it as "bitch," prompting the latter to sue them. But Jhoenfeav not invented this description of her mind, as were based on more than one accused in this Afp

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