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kitchen of the famous black and white Tessa

Is folded Jhoenfeav du stark Burgundian Page Beauty permanently? Will decided to move from head of the election commission Miss France to design, specifically in the area of kitchens? During the Paris Exhibition of Decorative organized at the beginning of the month, enabling visitors to discover the latest models Kitchens brand, "Tessa", the signing of Jhoenfeav du stark Burgundian, known Bakavatha Makiajha huge and exaggerated. Cooperation might be strange, but de stark Burgundian justified this choice by saying: "I feel flattered at the selection of" kid "to me. They are defending the same principles associated with the tradition of French-style elegance." The decor of those kitchens, Vonic and serene, but at the same time surprised him very modern. In terms of colors, there is no surprise. Holds the kitchen colors black and white, and are dearest to the heart of Du stark Burgundian.
In any case, he succeeded maker kitchens in marketing the latest innovations. On the other hand Madame Jhoenfeav, please feel free to speak sarcastically about her future career. Says: "Due to recent Aaatarafaty, may become a future ads only ...". And those who do not know this lady with a tongue termagant Tahjmt it on one of France's ex-slaves and described it as "bitch," prompting the latter to sue them. But Jhoenfeav not invented this description of her mind, as were based on more than one accused in this Afp

bedrooms Classic

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beechwood Kitchen

The dated kitchen in this apartment is to be replaced to give a more practical and "timeless" appearance, at a budget price.

The old cupboards and appliances are first removed. There are four "openings" into the kitchen to contend with in the new design; two doors, a servery, and a window.

After the measurements are taken, kick boards are installed as a starting point for the new cupboards and cabinets. These have been pre-manufactured off site making installation easier and more cost effective.

After the cabinets have been screwed into place, bench tops and supports for the new servery are added. As the area is small, a beige colour is chosen to achieve a lighter, brighter look.

A product called PVC Hard Edge is used for the kitchen cupboards to give added wear protection. Although slightly more expensive than standard finishes it reduces the chances of "chipping" on the door surfaces.

To match the rest of the floor in the apartment, Sunplank vinyl strips are laid (Victorian Ash). It is relatively cheap and easy to lay and is shatter and chip resistant.

A new stove is positioned in the corner. Hidden in the "dead" space in the laundry is a new Fisher and Paykel Active Smart fridge. Terracotta coloured tiles for the splash back above the sink, complete the new look for the kitchen. The cost below includes plumbing, electrical relocating, flooring, appliances and kitchen units and installation.

Cupboards, etc, around $3,000. Total cost, around $5,500.

american kitchen designs

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NYLoft Kitchens & Home Interiors has launched Xera, a new line of stainless-steel cabinetry inspired by professional kitchens. The modern cabinetry line is made of austenitic stainless steel, used in restaurant kitchens and industrial applications, which is resistant to corrosion and heat. Phoenix, AZ, (602) 745-2600; Las Vegas, NV, (702) 818-8140;

NYLoft Kitchens & Home Interiors.
Shaker Kitchen Collection

Estro Walnut


Estro Walnut’s striking and distinguished tone will ooze inner warmth in any interior with sweeping curves offering a softer design alternative.

Broadoak Natural


Achieve the natural look with this warm and welcoming kitchen that unites a simple design with the beauty of natural oak

Broadoak Ivory


The delicate cream painted finish gives considerable elegance to this classic Shaker design.



Hamble's beautiful solid oak timber frame and veneered centre panel, with its low sheen waxed finish, has an intrinsic earthy charm. Demonstrating skilled craftsmanship and creative design, the focus is on the natural characteristics of wood, enhanced by appealing features such as end grain wood inlaid into drawer fronts and corner pegs on doors.



Appreciate simplicity with this adaptable design that works well with both modern and traditional materials.



The popular Lansdowne is now available in a Painted finish, with four inspirational colours to choose from, Sage, Cornflower, Maize and Ivory. The Lansdowne Oak doors and accessories are skilfully hand-sprayed as individual kitchen sets. The delicate oak grain patterning is subtly revealed through the painted finish, adding interest and character to the design. As with all painted wood furniture some joint movement is possible over time. Designed to look beautifully modern the carefully selected heritage colours, can be mixed and matched or combined with a natural oak finish to create stunning results. With bold features such as shapely curved doors, wide pan drawers, chunky end panelling and quirky lattice doors, Lansdowne Painted Oak offers something quite unique.



An irresistible combination of modern design, wide frames and natural oak graining create Lansdowne. Sophisticated and contemporary, Lansdowne boasts sleek looks, natural tone variations and a wealth of design treasures including eye-catching veneered 50mm thick shelving, framed end panels and a curved canopy.



Rich in style, colour and drama, the contemporary Lansdowne Black Walnut kitchen will be the social hothouse of your home. The elegant dark beauty of Lansdowne is ideal for open plan designs, creating a dramatic focus in your living area. Luxurious American Black Walnut timber fuses form and function with thrilling originality. An array of tone variations and graining give Lansdowne true individuality, whilst the velvet matt, tactile finish gives this shaker a strong contemporary edge. Developing the contemporary look of Lansdowne are a wide choice of inventive design accessories including curved doors and drawer fronts, lattice and glass feature doors as well as wide end panels and pilasters.



In addition to the popular heritage painted finishes are four fabulously bold new drama colours. Absolutely on trend; the White, Aubergine, Chill Red and Black finishes are available for the popular Lansdowne Natural Oak, wide style shaker kitchen as well as Kinsale and Oakham Painted Oak. Clever application of these colours will ensure your kitchen design delights in wonderful originality, where statement pieces such as island units or dresser units can be presented to best effect.

Freestyle Ivory


The simple stepped frame of Freestyle Ivory combines beautifully with the timeless quality of ivory.

Scope Ivory


Balanced and harmonious Scope Ivory creates a room for living with the calming cream finish and clean design creating an airy space.

Scope Beach


Scope Beech embodies form and function with the simple styling ensuring limitless options for both modern and classic interiors.

Scope Calvados


A warm amber hue gives Scope Calvados a golden glow to create a modern yet welcoming feel in the kitchen.



A solid looking shaker door with a wide frame and deep set centre panel in a natural light timber. Made from knotty oak with a waxy matt lacquer finish, it has a wide range of accessories enabling design flexibility whether you want a traditional or contemporary look.



Calm, understated and enduringly stylish, Valais’ shimmering white gloss finish and simple Shaker style enhance light and space to create an interior for modern living.

Scope Walnut


Scope Walnut’s rich colouring pulls off a look that is sleek and modern, yet retains an air of sophistication.

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