Monday, January 11, 2010

See you today the most luxurious leather sofa

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping online for your new Italian leather sofa.

1. Make a decision What You Need


Decide how much you can afford to spend on your leather sofa. Keep in mind that lower end sofas will cost around £700 while hand built leather sofas will run £3500 or higher.

Interior decoration

Decide the style you want to use in your space. Italian Leather sofas come in contemporary to traditional with many styles in between. A lighter, more sleek contemporary leather sofa may be a little less expensive since it will use less material than a heavier traditional leather sofa. Of course, the brand will also determine if that is the case.

Lifestyle needs

Decide if you need a sofa with a recliner to enhance your relaxation or a Corner Sofa to offer the convenience of more space. Maybe you need something extra durable because you have children and pets. Keep in mind that designer Italian leather sofas will cost a little more because of the extra craftsmanship that goes into the construction.

Start with Neutrals

You want to create a nice, stable baseline for the dark browns and oranges that will certainly make it’s way into your autumn color palette. White is too stark and wood is too cottage-like, you want to create a warm beige base that plays off of the browns, but doesn’t create too stark of a contrast.

Here are some top choices in neutral-colored that will make your autumn accents pop:

Capri Micro suede Sleeper Sofa

Only a handful of British manufacturers remain capable of reproducing the original hand-made quality for which the Chesterfield sofa was designed for. Finding a hand-stitched, hand-dyed, and British made Chesterfield Sofa can be difficult to source. All of these characteristics are fundamental to what Designer Sofas4u stands for by combining British craftsmanship with a passion

Designer Sofa Collection

A modern range of contemporary designer sofas. Designer Sofas4u is proud of its line of Italian sofas. This collection is manufactured by a well known Italian manufacturer in Northern Italy following ancient Italian family traditions. Every detail is important; be it a sofa foot shape or a complement to combine with the sofa. Behind each of our modern sofa collection there is superior Italian quality and craftsmanship.

Leather is a natural product that varies in color and grain. Full grain leather will display the distinctive original markings that attribute personality to the uniqueness of each piece of furniture. Our leathers are hand cut and sewn to ensure that these variations in grain and color accent your piece; therefore not only is it normal to have shade variations within a single piece of leather, for a true connoisseur of leather it is expected!

Spots and Spills – Blot, do not rub, excess liquid away immediately with a clean cloth or sponge. Let the area air dry. Most liquids will initially repel from the leather. If left to stand over an extended period of time, they will be absorbed. If absorbed, stains will dissipate through evaporation or the fiber structure of the hide with time.

Stubborn Stains – Use a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. Apply a mild solution of any non acidic soap and water, rub front to back or side to side. Do not rub in circles. Clean an area larger than the stain to avoid spotting. Wipe clean using a damp cloth. Go over the area once more using a damp cloth and rub cleaned area in one direction. Allow the area to air dry. It may be necessary to repeat this process for really stubborn stains. You may prefer to use distilled water.

Spots and Spills – Blot any excess liquid immediately with a clean cloth or sponge. Apply a mild solution of any non-acidic soap and water to the stained area. Rinse using a moistened cloth or sponge. Repeat the process if necessary for stubborn stains. Absorbed oil will dissipate through evaporation or the fiber structure of the hide.

Spots and Spills – Blot, do not rub, any excess liquid immediately away with a clean white cloth or sponge. Let the area air dry naturally. Brush with a suede brush to remove any excess material and to restore the nap.

Spots and Spills – Use a soft white cloth to remove immediate spills. If a stain goes unnoticed and penetrates the leather, use lukewarm distilled water and a soft white cloth to gently massage the stain and surrounding areas, do not use soaps.

The name says it all - the 'Big Easy'! A large modern sofa range with a confident yet relaxed look.

Note: The piping is the same colour as the leather and not white as shown.

Key Information

  • Leather sofa range with generous dimensions offering plenty of comfort and support
  • Non tropical hardwood frame, kiln dried, glued and reinforced
  • High density foam with pocket sprung seat cushions
  • Foam wrapped in soft Dacron fibers for the back cushions
  • Rig-sag sprung base and a web sprung back

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