Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kitchen Styles

We have the freedom to choose between hundreds of countertops, range hoods and other appliances in order to develop our own unique kitchen. If we are not sure where to begin or do not know the various kitchen styles, appliances and furnishings work in accordance with one another, visit kitchen website, read magazine and pictures of existing kitchen styles can be a great source of ideas. Within each style, we have freedom to personalize their settings to suit our needs. By learning more and more about kitchen design, we will eventually discover the kitchen style that best suits to our personality, home and family.

Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional Kitchen Style
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Common traditional styles include black and white checkered flooring, wood floors, cherry wood with green marble counters and even all-white designs with blue accents. When choosing appliances, black and stainless steel work with both cherry and white cabinetry.

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Country Kitchen Style

Country Kitchen Style
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Country style decorating is the hottest trend in home design, especially for the kitchen. Country warmth, safety, and comfort are the hallmarks of this style. Country kitchens feature wooden workstations or pot racks that do not match other furnishings. Colors mean everything in a country kitchen. Warmly colored, unpolished (or polish that's not overdone) woods such as maple and pine are common. Combine these woods with whites, cream colors or light browns as the backdrop colors and you are on your way to a magazine-quality kitchen. Natural greens, bright blues and reds provide accents. Stainless steel in the form of hanging lights or chef workstations works well in this setting. Plaids and checkered patterns on seat cushions add to the country motif.

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