Sunday, August 17, 2014

Small Spaces Interior Design Tips

When it comes to interior design tips there are plenty that can be used when it comes to small spaces. Small spaces have to be done differently than larger spaces and the following tips will help you to make the most of your small space. One of the first tips would be to de-clutter your small space. Having clutter around will just make the space even smaller than it already is. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Clutter shrinks space and can make you claustrophobic if not taken care of immediately. This is one idea to think about.

Another great idea in interior design tips is minimize your accessories. Don’t have so many different objects on display. Too much on display and your small space will get cluttered very quickly. Placing a few things that are strategically placed as well as beautiful will decorate your space nicely. Make sure that you have a clear path around your place. Placing furniture in the hall is not a good idea as you won’t use it in the hall. Having too much around can make you feel that you are maze bound and that doesn’t help the space either.

Being minimalistic when it comes to furniture can also help a small space to look bigger. While you need comfortable furniture, you need to have just enough to furnish the room without making it look overcrowded. Pine furniture would be quite a good pick. Your pieces should be serviceable as well as functional. Another great idea from the interior design tips section is to choose lighting wisely. By choosing the right lighting, you can make the place appear bigger. Using lighting such as downlights and uplights as well as recessed lighting makes the space bigger. Choosing the right colors can also make a difference as to how large or small the space will seem after everything is done.

Mirrors are also great interior design tips to use to create the illusion of bigger space. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic in a smaller place. In regards to lighting, use full spectrum lighting in order to enliven and energize your home. You can also replace a full size refrigerator with one that is smaller and goes under the counter. You may also want to remove your interior doors and replace them with curtains to open up the spaces. Here are some other ideas when it comes to decorating small spaces.

One of the best interior design tips I have ever heard is to match the scale of the room with the scale of the furniture. Try not to choose dainty furniture as it will produce too much detail and make things a bit cluttered looking. Also think about using vertical stripes such as on wallpaper or even vertical lines in the room. This can make the room appear taller. If you are going to have patterns in either furniture or accessories, make sure that you have small patterns. At the same time limit patterns so that your space doesn’t look cluttered or overwhelmed.

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