Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best interior design for the Kitchen

Stylish kitchen cabinets and dining room design
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is the room to be arranged so as to make maximum functional.
But how to arrange the kitchen? What we need and what is superfluous in it?

Modern kitchen decoration and design

Modern kitchen decoration and design

Here are some simple steps for planning your future kitchen:
1. You need space for stockpiling in your kitchen

2. You need a place to organize and store your glasses in your kitchen, dishes and cutlery.
3. You need a place to droughts instrumentation in your kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, it will most likely have their dryer. There are already models of kitchens with separate places inside the drying cabinet. If you do not like this way will have to leave a place to put the dryer.


Kitchen spaceses in elegant shape

4. You need a place for washing in your kitchen- are included here, sink, dishwasher, garbage. Should also provide space for storage of the preparations that you use.
5. You need a place to cut in your kitchen- the desktop! As a place to put the instruments that help in cooking (ie: microwave, food processor, coffee maker and d.r.)

modern small kitchen ideas
Modern small kitchen ideas

6. You need a place to cook
in your kitchen - I mean here the stove - hot plates and oven. Let's not forget about the hood.
7. Space for a refrigerator in your kitchen - depending on whether your refrigerator will be built or not.
8. You need drawers in your kitchen - drawers under the desktop must be ordered by frequency of use - the most common things we advise you to keep in top drawers, less borrowing even in lower. This will save the constant bending and squat.

best luxury kitchen modern furniture

Kitchen and diningroom design and Ideas

It is also desirable to plan and lighting. The kitchen must have 2 types of lighting:
1. Central - suspended ceiling
2. Local - Desktop
The next step is to determine from what material will be your and your kitchen countertops and color. Gorenje models Gatto and offer a wide range of combinations of materials and colors.

Modern Design kitchen

Modern and luxury Design kitchen

Naturally, before it should be the size of the place reserved for the new
kitchen. If it is small and you want to get into it very possible, our consultants can help you to choose it!

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