Saturday, May 21, 2011

Interior Decorating Tips And Men Go Well Together

When it comes to interior decorating tips, men also can benefit from them as well as women. With men, all they have to do in design is have the design say something about them and to keep it simple. Guys like things that are functional and that work. Guys also decorate their places according to their interests and hobbies. They are also larger than women so they want something that will be larger and comfortable. One of the first things that you will notice about a guy’s décor is the always present recliner. This is a piece of furniture that goes along well with any décor that a guy may have.

Also you need to take into consideration when talking about interior decorating tips and guys is that they have to have something solid and big. They also like different colors than women such as green, red, black and brown. However, they like women can make decorating mistakes such as pinning posters on walls without putting them in a protective hanger first. His design choices as far as design goes, would be comfortable and simple designs in upholstered furniture as well as large scale seating as far as a sofa will go.

Men like straight lines and substantial furniture. One of the interior decorating tips for guys is to go with what they love. Sometimes their style is casual, sometimes it is plain. It is for each guy to decide what the best is for him. A lot of guys love the minimalist look while others prefer a more cluttered look. Each man will be different and want his place furnished differently. A lot of guys prefer their general décor to be clean and functional as well as spare and unfussy.

The colors that they like can be earth tones, dark colors, black, silver, grey, brown and tan. Interior decorating tips say that you can use a mixture of these colors. Installing a vase with a colorful combination of flowers should be encouraged too. A man’s home is his castle and he wants to be comfortable where he is. A man’s personal taste will dictate his decorating style much as a woman’s personal taste will rule hers. Most men will like a contemporary style of furniture. All furniture needs to have clean lines with little embellishment. If you are talking about a bedroom, bedding in colors of blacks, grays, greens and blues work best for a guy.

Abstract artwork is also something that can be used as interior design tips for guys. Pieces of art like this are bound to attract attention. The best decorating tip is balance between everything that a man is decorating and it will all come out all right. Men know what they want and how to decorate to suit them. Remember though that with time and practice a man’s home will look inviting to him, his friends and others. You can tell a masculine designed home with furnishings. This is why following some of the ideas in this article can be a great help when it comes to interior decorating.

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