Monday, November 23, 2009

Mural Painting Art

Imagination is reflected on the balance of psychological man, but sometimes it sends the rest when it comes to color and fittings, this is the payment of interior designers in the direction to the line of new and unfamiliar to some housewives, a fee that the house walls "wall painting" a new way of carrying extra dimensions and feel of her scenes as broad which can coexist with different architecture.

To draw on the walls is not a recent fashion in the world of decoration, but used by most ancient civilizations, and that appeared temples by the ancient Egyptians, as was the art of mural painting during the period of interest in the sixties, and after that still influences the Second World War, poverty and depression and crush artistic talent due to political events that accompanied the this period.
And now returned again to fashion sits on the throne of modern decoration, it is appropriate for all rooms of the house until the roof by using low-painting the wall different colors to give the suggestion that the ceiling and along the length.

Can also overcome the limitations of space in the aisles as a library or drawing Polychrome imagined scenes and as part of the furniture and decor experts sometimes resort to making accessories for the place on the walls so as to obscure some of the defects.
The nursery rooms of the most suitable wall-painting and can be used to inspire children imagination and expand his mind and move to different eras, or animation using the closest to his heart, to be rich and entertaining and shall be drawn on the lower parts of the walls so that the level of your child's vision .

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