Monday, November 23, 2009

The link between classical and modern furniture in the selection of

Tradition and charm of the past never goes out of fashion, but especially with regard to classic furniture is timeless, solid and stylish furniture and always with taste.

Furniture and interact now with the modern classic, and this is now also seen in major international exhibitions of furniture, but also and especially in the production of handicrafts Italian. Wood is in fact the undisputed star of this new direction, and broke engraved with the inclusion of details in mother of pearl and precious stones and pieces of the review in recent memory. Furniture and elegant decor, which could regulate everything, even with the presence of a few selected equipment to create the right atmosphere. Integrates with the versatility of the design details, almost always in luxury, and as a result of ingenuity.

We appreciate the expressive techniques are very different: a mirror of the traditions of Venice and lacquer, and wrought iron, and trim the root and the final in silver and gold plated. A return to ornament is one of the major trends at this time. Classic furniture is the other side of the coin, with modern furniture, which often threaten the internationally agreed: classical, however, and the renewal of the rich heritage of culture and know-how, also call into play the question of the modern. Languages can coexist completely, as shown in countless exhibitions sector, where a wealth of research conducted by institutions and explore the handicrafts, but also the results of the consolidation of traditional furniture are given.

Reviewed in the classical style in the modern key is not so simple, clear, but some companies are doing it very successfully, for example, by combining the colors of the furniture modern with the traditional. This way you can make a new dress, trendy, young and fresh, classic furniture, furniture materials and workmanship have always been considered a guarantee of strength, endurance and beauty. Join together and solid wood, leather, Anguilla, Baroque and Renaissance forms, with the color unusual for the classic style, but with all the signs of today.

Can be regarded as the classic style only as a bulwark of the past, we believe that even in fashion and style, is to create something new, and even the classic style and the production of wooden furniture, it did not go out of fashion because it is inspired by the patterns and forms that still exist. And moving furniture in the classic style will not seem ever too old and outdated, like now, for example, consider the interior of the '70s drug. Even in these modern apartments and mobile homes to this will always find in the right place, because it is the fruit of the Union of eternal charm of the past shared with full responsibility for this. Not to mention that these pieces are often stronger and more durable than mass production, and therefore much better suited to another is subject to various incidents in the home happen frequently. It 'may be true that other costs are less, but they also need to be fixed permanently, or even be away from new markets. And classic furniture, but is an investment to last for a long time.

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