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6Tips for Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

Hi! Welcome to Decorating Your Baby Nursery! This site is full of nursery decorating ideas, tips, and information to not only help you decorate a baby's room prepare for your new baby and save money doing it! but also help you

Create a baby nursery that will be the envy of all your friends and spend very little money in the process. With a theme in mind and a little bit of time, you can make a room that your baby girl or boy will love for years to come. To get the most out of every dollar you spend, make sure that you are creating a room that is not just adorable as a nursery, but that your child can grow into as a toddler and per-teen as well. Below are

5 tips for creating the nursery of your dreams on a budget.

. 1.Color is the most emotionally compelling element in any design, so there's no quicker way to create a happy mood than to use cheerful hues like the ones shown here. Sounds simple, but simple decorating ideas may be exactly what you want in a little one's room.

This smart space uses extra wide bold stripes in sherbet tints to create a feeling that's as much fun as a circus but as pretty as a spring garden. To keep the look from becoming too sweet, no conventional floral prints were used. Instead, whimsical farm animals and checks lend a fun and frisky air.
White wicker furniture has its own woven pattern that contributes subtle interest. What's more, these wicker furniture pieces will retain their charm long after she's outgrown the crib

Commit to a Theme ~ Before heading out to your local baby supply center, take some time to think about what type of theme you would like for your room. What color palette appeals to you? Do you prefer traditional or contemporary styles? Are you envisioning a beach decor or Paris-inspired elegance? You will get the most millage out of your theme if you decide upon something that can be easily spruced up in later years as your child grows up

. 2. Purchase a Lifetime Crib ~ These 3 and 4-stage cribs can be a bit of an added investment initially, but will transform from a crib, into a toddler bed, and eventually into a twin or a full-sized bed. A large majority of the cribs that are currently available in stores are lifetime cribs and can be purchased for around $200 and up. Keep in mind that the price of the lifetime crib often does not include the bed rails that are needed to transform the crib into a bed. Make sure to ask the sales associate what additional packages are needed to complete your bed purchase and buy those at the same time if possible, in case the style is later discontinued

. 3. Be Bold with Paint ~ Add interest to your room with the use of color, f aux finishes, and paint treatments. Paint is very inexpensive and can be easily changed in years to come. Match a couple of swatches to the fabrics you are planning on using in your cribs and have some fun. Horizontal and vertical stripes are easy to do and can add a lot of interest to the room. The professionals at your paint store will also be able to give you step-by-step instructions on how to do faux treatments on your walls. Think about what fits into your nursery's theme and in a couple hours, you can transform a room

. 4. Create Custom Accessories ~ Unfinished wood side tables, toy chests, bookshelves, and stools are available at most craft stores and can be a fun way to accessorize a nursery for a fraction of the price. The key to achieving a professional look to your piece is to thoroughly sand the item to make sure that you are starting with a nice smooth finish. Once the piece has been properly sanded, simply paint the item with extra paint or stain it to match the furniture that you have already purchased for the room. If you are artistically inclined, you can even add painted elements that match the fabrics or decor of your nursery. 5. Add Plenty of Shelving ~ It is easy to spend a lot of money accessorizing the walls of the nursery. Instead of purchasing artwork for the walls, purchase some inexpensive shelving. You will find that during your baby shower, you will receive lots of toys, stuffed animals, and books for the children. Simply display these gifts on the shelves and you have instantly accessorized the nursery. As an added bonus, your friends and family will love to see the items that they purchased prominently displayed in the room and as the child gets older, they can change what is on the shelves to correspond with their current interests.

.6.Sheets and curtains are a great way to indulge your child's current

interest in boats, ballerinas or dinosaurs, because you can change these soft goods when they wear out or your child's interests change. Then use your child's favorite items to decorate the room. For example, tack kites, model planes or stars to the ceiling. Build a decorative ledge or shelf from moldings to neatly display favorite toys, books and collections. And paint the room, or at least one wall, your child's favorite color.

Also provide a spot where your son or daughter can display an art project, an "A" paper and posters. One classic way to do this is to glue cork board on an entire wall or a portion of it. Or buy a chalkboard at a school-supply store. You can turn all or part of a wall into a chalkboard with Benjamin Moor's Crayola Chalkboard paint.

The best way to think like a kid is to involve your son or daughter in the process—within reason, that is. While a child should have a voice in the final selection, protect your veto power by shopping on your own. Bring home samples of three or four colors, fabrics and furniture choices you find appealing and affordable. Tack them up. Then let your child choose. When shopping for furniture, bring a camera and let your child pick from photos.

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