Monday, August 16, 2010

ModernBedroom Furniture Collection

Italian Bedroom Model

Update any bedroom in your home with modern bedroom furniture. The simple, clean lines of modern bedroom sets can create a stylish and relaxing atmosphere. From dark woods to stainless steel, a variety of materials are used in creating modern bedroom sets. Modern bedroom sets include key pieces such as platform beds, nightstands and dressers. Platform beds are typical of most modern designs and feature a sunken mattress surrounded by wooden platforms. They look best when dressed with light-weight bedding, such as solid-colored quilts and coverlets, which can be tucked into the mattress to reveal the beauty of the platform itself. Platform beds are typically low to the ground and often include straight headboards that add both height and visual interest to the design of the bed. Once you have chosen the perfect platform bed for your new, modern bedroom, complete the look by choosing nightstands and a dresser. To keep with the modern look that you have achieved with the selection of your bed, choose nightstands and dressers that feature clean lines and simple hardware. Stainless steel drawer pulls can be wonderful accents to black, as well as dark wood pieces. Together, the platform bed, nightstands, and dresser create a current look for any bedroom.

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