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How to get a modular kitchen?

Owning a modular kitchen nowadays is every housewife’s dream. Modular kitchen has many benefits like it can be easily repaired, it has features like exhaust and chimneys, it has a fashionable look, etc. Getting a modular kitchen is very easy as it is available in variety of colors. You will get standardized units for the floor and the wall while buying a regular modular kitchen system.

These units can accommodate all your kitchen utensils and electrical appliances of all shapes and sizes. You can also get a custom built modular kitchen. You can also make your modular kitchen out of combinations like wood and laminate, aluminum and marble or laminate and granite. Building it from lacquered or natural wood is also an option from you. It has been noticed that most of the people prefer marbles or granite for worktops and wood or laminate for cabinets and drawers.

Finding a Suitable Range Hood for the Kitchen

Choosing the right sort of a range hood for your kitchen is quite a tough and confusing endeavor. You need to find out which way the air which is emitting out of the stove is finding its way – is the air coming back to the kitchen or it can make its way out. You should also need to find out what sort of a range hood to go for. It can be a wall mounted range hood or it can also stay attached to the ceiling. If your kitchen is devoid of a ventilation duct then it would be best for you to opt for a kitchen range hood to take care of the cooking steam and to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

However, you should always ensure a proper maintenance of the filter or else the mechanism can go out of service within a very short span of time. Most kitchen hoods are available in stainless steel but recently the glass and copper varieties are finding their places in several well equipped kitchens.

Kitchen Hazards and Quick Fixes

Kitchen is considered as to be the most accidental place of one’s house. Talking about mishaps, kitchen turns out to be the worst hit with mishaps in a house. A mishap can happen through slipping on wet floor or gas leakage or electric short circuit.

To avid slipping on wet floor one can use anti skid material for their flooring in kitchen and to avoid short circuits, one can use anti shock absorbing switch boards. One must even keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area to avoid any fire which may arise at any time. The lighting in the kitchen should even be proper.
One must avoid wearing synthetic clothes when they are working in the kitchen. Sharp items like knives, etc should be placed properly. One should even try to install smoke detectors in their premises. One must set their hot water heater up to 120F only so that the risk of burns occurring would be reduced.

Kitchen Care Tips

Kitchen is a very important place in one’s house and therefore it should be properly looked after, so one should try to avoid mishaps as and when possible. Some kitchen care tips would be like washing cooking utensils, cutting boards and knives with hot soapy water or taking care when handling disinfected things which are prone to spreading disease causing bacteria in any case.

Food should be tightly wrapped up in plastic wraps even in the refrigerators so that it prevents food contamination. One should keep poultry, fish and raw meat in separate freezer bags so that the chances of cross contamination would not exist which would even prevent food poisoning.
Another option is that one can try recycling things which can be reused. In our kitchen, usually there is a possibility of having items such as foils, aluminium cans, steel and glass which can be reused and therefore it should be left away.

Applying Laminate to Counter Tops

Laminating counter tops is a series of simple steps that can be done at home. First of all, you need to prepare the surface to be laminated. Thoroughly clean and sand the surface which needs to be laminated. Remove any traces of paint or varnish. Next, cut the laminated plastic as per the desired specifications.

The instrument with which you do the cutting should have a very fine toothed blade so as to avoid chipping and achieve a smooth cut. Keep the plastic sheet slightly over dimensioned to leave room for final trimming.
The next step is applying the laminated plastic. You can use epoxy adhesives and contact cement to apply laminated plastic. The surface to be covered should be made rough with sandpaper so that the lamination sits firmly on it. For the finishing part, eliminate all air pockets, and smoothen the edges and remove surplus material, if any.

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