Friday, August 13, 2010

Decorating a baby room in a luxury

Live the dream! Learn more about the HGTV Dream Home kid’s bedroom and ideas for decorating a children’s room and take.

A happy corner bedroom, which boasts a sublime north-facing view of Sonoma's rolling hills, becomes the perfect home away from.

Babies’ rooms can easily be decorated on low budgets and can be fun too. The basic idea is to make the room look very lively and playful. You can choose a theme for the room from one of your kid’s favorable cartoons or can simply make it look colorfast. You can use stickers and other inexpensive materials to achieve a playful look almost instantly.

The child’s bed should not be too big but not too small either that your kid grows out of it the very next year. Add some nice paintings to the walls. Avoid using delicate and breakable objects. Wood and plastic are the preferred materials as they are very durable. Finally, you can finish by arranging your kids toys, dolls and teddies in proper places. Try to have a shelf in your child’s

room so that it does not get cluttered all the time and is easy to clean.

Making the nursery look pleasant with nursery decorating ideas for the child is an outward expression of love and is something that I believe most parents try to do for their children in one way or another. For some parents nursery decorating ideas can mean simply “making things tidy,” as you say, for others it means painting walls and scrounging for secondhand furniture. If the children’s initials are painted or burned on the doors, it gives an added feeling of pride in keeping the toys in order. There are many designs of sets of small tables and chairs made with good lines, to help your nursery look very striking and comforting.
Yellow-green, the color of young lettuce, is one of the most versatile hues around. Virtually every color pairs nicely with it, from sedate navy to cheery orange. But, when you pair yellow-green with red-violet, its color wheel complement, you get a scheme that's truly delightful.
If you like dark furniture, you can mark down woods such as wenge , or choose other less expensive than imitate this finish. And while a room for a baby should induce relaxation and tranquility, you counter the rigidity and seriousness of the color of the wood furniture with complementary colors.

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