Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Room Furniture&Sofa Beds

Add Life to Your Decor with this Modern Living Room Furniture Guide

Modern furniture can add clean, cool decor to your living room. Modern decor essentials come in many colors, shapes, and sizes to give the look and feel you want. There are modern style sofa beds, chairs, corner sectional couches, loveseats, tables, and more available online or at nearby furniture stores, so finding these decorative treasures shouldn't be a problem. Use this short guide to get started. Start with Color Coordination The first step to creating a modern living room is to choose the colors to your liking. Some popular modern decor colors include sleek colors such as grey, black, bright red, cool blue, white, neon green, beige, or dark brown. Break down the color choices into categories such as walls, flooring, main furniture colors, and colors for decor accessories. Consider how the sofa, chairs, tables, lamps, and other pieces will look with your wall and flooring. Does your living room have carpet, real hardwood, or laminate flooring?

What colors would blend well with your main color scheme? If possible, use samples or photos of your wall and floor colors to compare with the modern furniture you are considering. Furniture Materials Since most modern furniture designs are in plain colors (often very light or bright), you'll want to choose material that is very durable and highly stain-resistant. Light colors will show stains more so make sure the material is easy to clean of spills, grease, dirt, or anything else! Look for plywood or hardwood seats and backs or an all-steel frame, back webbing that doesn't sag, nylon guides that are adjustable, double-needled stitching, genuine leather, foam-filled cushions featuring polyester fiber wrap to give a tight upholstered look and feel. Consider a sofa bed if you plan to have guests over for the night frequently. Also, opt for a corner sectional if you

want to save space, but still need room for several people. To enjoy savings, you can often find a living room set to meet your needs, which may include a sofa with or without a sofa bed, a chair, a loveseat, and perhaps even a couple of decorative end tables or stools. Accessorize your modern living room furniture with floor lamps, wall paintings, modern lighting, a book shelf, rugs, and figurines. Now, you're ready for the modern look you've always dreamed of!

We offer an unsurpassed selection of high quality European made authentic designer living rooms. Every item we sell has a 100% authenticity quarantee - it was designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped from Belgium, Spain or Italy. Stylish and elegant - our furniture will be a perfect addition to your home - and with wholesale prices it is going to be perfect for your wallet as well.

Sofa bed available in selected colors in PVC (vinyl) in stock and in large variety of colors in fabric on special order. Please contact us for fabric colors and special order details.

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